Galaxy art

I have really enjoyed experimenting with this Galaxy Art collection, I started off creating mini canvases with constellations and ruling planets on and it grew from there! Now I use nebulas and space as a background for animals as well as creating off world spaces-scapes on much larger canvases. Most people think of space as vast, empty and dark, but I think of it as full of colour and movement. I can use my imagination and artistic licence with this art to show the beauty and fullness of the universe, I feel that I have the opportunity to be really free with this sort of art because nobody really knows what is really out there or what it looks like! The storms, nebulas and planets are an ever evolving entity, a living, thriving environment. I have recently added a few spacecraft to my paintings, can you recognise any?!

Most of my Galaxy Art paintings glow in the dark, I use phosphorescent gel on the stars, planets, nebulas and other individual features of the painting. Here is a painting of a stag taken in three differing light conditions, daylight, black light, and no light to show the glow in the dark effect, it’s better in real life but you get the gist!

The manufacturers instructions for the phosphorescent gel say that it should be charged by being placed in direct, strong daylight or artificial light for at least two hours. So in other words don’t expect to put your painting in a dark corner where it can’t absorb any light and expect it to glow because it won’t be able to! I just know that when I switch the lights off in my little arty room after working at night I am surrounded by the most magical glow of starshine ever! I adore creating these mesmerising paintings.

I’ve been able to exhibit much of my work and have had feedback from clients telling me how helpful it is when putting their children to bed at night. Some say it helps to have an interesting feature in the room to go to sleep with, others have said it’s a good way to tell if their children have had their bedroom lights on! The paintings glow much brighter when freshly charged with light so parents can tell when their children have had lights on in their rooms when they should have been sleeping!