When it comes to painting there is no right or wrong way to do it, what works for one person will not necessarily work for the next person, you have to find your own individual style and flair. Different people have varying successes with different mediums but I thought I’d show you my painting process using gouache and masking fluid….

STEP 1 – First I draw my basic picture onto the paper using a soft pencil.



STEP 2 – Next I apply masking fluid over parts of my drawing.

I leave gaps so that by the end of the project some of the background colour will show through.


STEP 3 – Wait for the masking fluid to dry….yawn (time to work on some other art to keep me busy!)

11889638_10206531065707811_1947225665959469193_n     11903748_10206531065227799_5456727916509313988_n

STEP 4 – Now the masking fluid is dry I can paint over the entire surface of the paper and then once again I’ll have to wait for it all to dry. I try to keep an eye on it at this stage as the colours can change as the paint dries, I may need to apply a little more paint/water before the painting is completely dry. Also I often find that some parts of the paper have become quite saturated, I want the paper to dry out evenly so am vigilant during this part of the process.

11873694_10206531065107796_5696413182091178426_n         11885249_10206531062107721_9154154721592574052_n         11892124_10206531064787788_662174434303991125_n        11885241_10206531061747712_2923401157106974831_n

11902277_10206531063947767_3791629179326734817_n     11855763_10206531062467730_601451456681396555_n

Step 5 – I can now carefully remove the masking fluid from the paper. It reveals the shapes quite precisely and usually leaves the pencil marks underneath so I have my original guidelines to follow.

11885284_10206531061227699_3568074066035414658_n     11880637_10206531060827689_2352656577854719346_n

STEP 6 – At last I’ve nearly finished the painting. I have to have several goes at this as some of the paintwork is very intricate and of course I cannot paint next to a section that is still wet or the colours will bleed together. Sometimes this stage can take me a couple of days, but when I finally finish the painting it’s so worth it! 11219440_10206531059547657_8682778171154186191_n

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  1. Always loved your style. A. Helen is behind you all the way. Good luck with your website. Hope it does well. You deserve it with all the work you have done. Luv xxxxx

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